Dale Crafts visited the Wickachee Dining Room in Calais Tuesday, Jan. 14. (Photo by Wendy Little)

Congressional Candidate Dale Crafts Visits Calais


By Jayna Smith

[email protected]

The honorable David Burns, former Republican State Senator for Maine’s 29th District, is endorsing Dale Crafts for the 2nd Congressional District.  

Burns traveled with Crafts on Tuesday, Jan. 14th for meet and greet events at three different locations in Washington County:  Worcester Resources in Columbia, Helen’s Restaurant in Machias, and Wickachee Restaurant in Calais.  

The pair served together for eight years in the Maine Legislature, and for six of those years, co-chaired the Maine Legislative Prayer Caucus.  

During his time in the Legislature, Crafts sat on the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Committee.  He says he is “a strong fiscal conservative, a voice for freedom, personal liberty and a tested advocate for our second amendment rights,” with a lifetime membership with the NRA.  

Crafts describes himself as a “Christian man of faith,” having grown up in Lisbon, Maine.  He raised six children and has 14 grandchildren, all of whom live in-state.

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