Existential Threats to Freedom: Critical Race Theory, Climate and Covid Alarmism, Open Borders


Jon Reisman

Last week America celebrated our 245th Birthday as an independent nation dedicated to freedom.  One group of Americans has rejected that Birthday and cultural inheritance, arguing the country was actually founded in 1619 and is irredeemably dedicated to racism and oppression. Those dissidents are entitled by our Constitution to their views. My own 1st Amendment protected (for now) opinion is that the identitarian racist Black Lives Matter/Antifa/ Democrat/ Biden voter/ critical race theory left is an existential threat to freedom.
The thing about casting something as an existential threat is that it seemingly justifies extreme actions, and fear of existential threats is a proven political force.
The environmental left is fond of casting climate change as an existential threat to continued human existence and the planet. Fear mongering over faux existential threats has proven to be a successful strategy for leveraging all kinds of freedom destructive policies with little or no value. It has worked for environmentalists more than fifty years, starting with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and continuing with Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Now we supposedly have less than a decade to save the planet unless we implement the Green New Deal and spend $4 Trillion dollars on a laundry list of leftist power grabs for climate “resilience”, climate “justice” and climate “jobs”. Since most Americans stubbornly refuse to spend more than $100 on this nonsense, the climate alarmists continue to lie, gaslight and fear monger to an astonishing degree. The environmentalist predictions of disaster have never come true, and they never will, and not because we foolishly implement their disastrous poverty causing policy prescriptions. But they will never stop until they are held accountable for their lies, and that will never happen as long as the New York Times is regarded as the paper of record and a bastion of truth, and pandering power grabbing politicians like Secretary or Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Minister of Climate Fearmongering and serial Traitor John Kerry, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Demagogue, Hypocrite and White Supremacist- RI), and Governor Janet Mills (climate alarmist- Maine) continue to destroy freedom unopposed.
The public health “community” led has followed the lead of the environmental left and embraced fearmongering and existential threat exaggeration. Over the last 18 months, an incredible array of basic freedoms- freedom of speech, association, religion, and assembly, just for starters- has been sacrificed to the great guru Fauci, and his lesser minions like Shah, and Governors Whitmer, Newsom, Cuomo and Mills. Apostate Governors like DeSantis, Abbott and Noemi who declined to destroy freedoms and gaslight their subjects were castigated by the all-knowing/all seeing New York Times, MSNBC and CNN. Apostate in Chief Donald Trump was not only castigated, he was cast out, by whatever means necessary, and no questions as to those means will be allowed.
The now open southern border would appear to be an existential threat to freedom and democracy, which is why the competency challenged vice-president finally made a Kabuki theater visit to the “border”. Kamala Harris rose to power in California by carrying on a public affair with the married politician and powerbroker Willie Brown. This is also known as sleeping your way to the top. Unfortunately for Ms. Harris, she is twenty plus years older now and it is not a strategy likely to work with the leaders of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, although based on their recent rehiring of disgraced leftist/zoom onanist Jeffrey Toobin, it might work with CNN.
Our failing immigration policy was recently criticized by Downeast journalist Ruth Leubecker, and with some justification. However, Ms. Leubecker inexplicably failed to mention the last federal immigration policy “compromise,” the Simpson- Mazzoli Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, signed by President Reagan. Simpson- Mazzoli granted amnesty and a path to citizenship to some 10 million plus illegal immigrants, in exchange for a solemn promise to seal the border and prevent more illegal immigration. That promise was promptly broken. Why should the American people trust that a new “compromise” and promise would have any different result?
Jon Reisman is an associate professor of economics and public policy at the University of Maine at Machias. His views are his own. Mr. Reisman welcomes comments as letters to the editor here, or to him directly via email at [email protected].

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