Left Attacks Freedom


Teachers Union Embraces Critical Race Theory (CRT), Climate Alarmists Call for China Appeasement

Jon Reisman

Two of the biggest enemies of freedom showed why they deserve that designation last week. The National Education Association, after weeks of claims that critical race theory is a right wing conspiracy theory with no tentacles of indoctrination in K-12 or Higher Education, adopted resolutions defending CRT and vowing to use all their power to battle parents and organizations that oppose their racist poisonous doctrine. Then, the brave, principled and committed to transparency NEA wiped the CRT resolutions from their website. Dr. Jill, an NEA member, will undoubtedly be able to retrieve them to show to her husband.
Not to be outdone in leftist virtue signaling, the climate alarmist coalition, including familiar alarmists groups like 350Action and the Union of Concerned Scientists, leftist rabble rousers like CodePink and  MoveOn and  a rainbow of more than 40 more, called on President Biden and the Congress to appease China, ignore the Uighur Muslim Concentration camps, theft of intellectual property, abuse of Hong Kong, threats to Taiwan and assorted Chinese militaristic hegemony  and instead to “work” with the Chinese Communist Party to save the planet from the faux existential threat they have convinced themselves Americans are responsible for. I am sure President Biden will likely oblige, especially if Dr. Jill reminds him as frequently as necessary.
What is to be done? A full-scale culture war over CRT is in the offing. I left the Maine Education Association and the NEA 3 years ago and they no longer speak for me, although they still have exclusive rights to represent me. Here is a list of suggested activities to combat the NEA and CRT:
• Ask school administrators and school boards if CRT is in their schools, and present them with formal Freedom of Information requests to detail CRT indoctrination and training efforts of students and employees, often called diversity, equity and inclusion.
• Respond to CRT diversity, equity and inclusion “trainings” by bringing suit against employers and trainers for creating a hostile work environment and violating the civil rights laws because they are making decisions based on skin color.
• Ask NEA members and CRT advocates why they support racist doctrines that teach children to hate their country. Note that here in Washington County Healthy Acadia is a prominent CRT advocate, although they are hardly alone.
• Thank Republican legislators who voted (unsuccessfully) to ban CRT indoctrination in our schools.
• Ask Democratic legislators and candidates why they support racist indoctrination in our schools.
• Support school choice and right to work policies that will improve education and reduce the power of the NEA.
Here are a few suggestions to counter the climate alarmists:
• Ask how much climate change the policies they are insisting we adopt will actually avert. If climate change is the apocalyptic existential problem they say it is, they surely must be able to say how much of that problem their “solutions” will solve. I have been asking this question for more than 20 years, and have yet to get an answer. That is because the answer is usually “none.”
• Ask how much the policies they insist we adopt will raise the price of gasoline, heating oil and electricity. In Germany, green policies have driven the price of electricity to over $.32/kwh, more than twice the American price. Green policies in California have created the most expensive gas in the country at over $5/gallon. Good luck getting a straight answer to that question as well.
• What is the “optimal” temperature and climate, and how will the government and green groups determine and engineer it?
If the CRT advocates and climate alarmists are unchallenged and have their way, freedom and prosperity will not be on the agenda for the 21st Century. Here’s hoping that Gov. LePage and the Republicans are able to make that case in 2022 and 2024, because Janet Mills, Jill Biden and the Democrats most certainly will not.
Jon Reisman is an associate professor of economics and public policy at the University of Maine at Machias. His views are his own. Mr. Reisman welcomes comments as letters to the editor here, or to him directly via email at [email protected].

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